About Us

Tech-Trics is your Accounting, IT, Consulting department

Clean Code & Design

Tech-Trics strives to create high quality code bases with the best design practices to keep your applications running smoothly for years to come.

Extremely Flexible

Tech-Trics always makes applications that can scale up easily. It does not matter how small the application is. We will always create it in a way that can be easily expanded.

Latest Technology

We will always use the latest technologies available to ensure your applications stay up to date.

Easy to Use

We believe in simplicity. Our goal is not only to make an application easy to use but to also make our code easy for your development team to learn.

Responsive Design

We live in a mobile world that is always connected. Tech-Trics always makes the assumption that your site will be viewed on mobile devices and develops applications with this in mind.

Dedicated Support

We will never leave you high and dry. We will be here for your continuing application support needs. And, we will never charge for bug fixes. We believe that quality and customer satisfaction is the key to success.

Our Team

Robert Krause


Robert Krause graduated from the University of Texas in 2012 with his Masters in Business Accounting. He has worked as a personal finance advisor and financial consultant for private companies over the past six years.

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Headshot of Jeffrey Lara

Jeffrey Lara


Jeff Lara has been working as an Independent Consultant and Software Engineer for over 6 years. He has worked for several fortune 500 companies and small startups. He can bring the same skillset that the largest corporations seek to a growing small business.

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Main Services

Tech-Trics offers a number of services to help your business grow.

We offer financial services to small companies that are growing but do not have the resources to hire a finance department

We can build your business a small information website or a full on web application. We can build you a new RESTful Web Service and database to support all of your future applications. Tech-Trics can even build out desktop applications and applications designed for internal use. We can help you aggregate your businesses data to provide you with financial insight.

If you have existing web or desktop applications that you need help maintaining Tech-Trics can help you out. We have experience maintaining and adding functionality to legacy applications. And, we can stick around after building new applications to help maintain them and make modifications as new needs become present.

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